Document digitization is a critical function in any office setting. Data storage, security, and accessibility are essential benefits. As part of the Fujitsu fi-8000 series, the fi-8170 incorporates robust paper handling and image clarity technologies. With its high volume capacity and dependability, the 8170 is an excellent choice for many work environments. 

What Is PaperStream?

PaperStream is a suite of scanning applications engineered for scalability and providing custom-tailored solutions for every workplace setting. This suite includes several packages, each with a thoughtfully-chosen set of features:

  • IP: Image quality previews, blank page deletion, auto-cropping and deskewing, and ISIS/TWAIN compatibility 
  • ClickScan: One-button scanning and multiple supported file formats plus scan to email, print, and folders
  • Capture: Customizable profiles, image enhancement, and page separation
  • Capture Pro: All of Capture’s features plus after-scan correction and metadata tagging and indexing
  • NX Manager: Centralized scanning management, document security, cloud connectivity, and scan to Wi-Fi and Ethernet

Other PaperStream solutions include EdgeXperience Capture, a cloud document digitization platform available with the fi-7300NX model. There’s also Scanner Central Admin, a server application that allows monitoring and updates for multiple scanners on your network. The fi-8170 comes bundled with PaperStream Capture by default, but you can choose the software options that best suit your needs. 

PaperStream solutions are also available for 11×17 scanner models such as the fi-7480. Outfitted with a 100-page automatic document feeder, the fi-7480 scans up to 80 pages per minute and starts up from sleep mode in less than one second. This machine supports manual feed and duplex modes with paper sizes ranging from 2 x 2.7 inches to 12 x 17 inches plus long page documents up to 18.3 feet. 

Exceptional Paper Handling

Ricoh’s fi-8000 series scanners integrate world-class paper handling features to streamline scanning jobs and minimize the risk of jams or misfeeds. One of these prime technologies is iSOP: Intelligent Sonic Paper Protection that monitors incoming scan jobs for irregular sounds. Because such sounds can signal twisted paper or sheets stuck together with staples, they trigger iSOP to halt scanning and avoid jams. Models in the fi-8000 series also include lag detection, which checks for proper distancing between sheets, and ultrasonic sensors to watch for overlapping papers. 

Besides these technologies, the fi-8170 includes features that make scanning faster and more efficient. This machine also has a 100-sheet ADF and includes duplex, simplex, and manual feed modes with speeds of up to 70 ppm. It also supports a wide range of paper sizes from 1.9 x 2 inches to 8.5 x 14 inches along with 20-foot long page scans. With these capabilities, the 8170 can handle mixed document batches and avoid needing to rescan jobs.

The fi-8170 excels in another area: accuracy. Ricoh’s Clear Image Capture uses nearly 5,000 color levels to process images, eliminating color shift and line distortion to produce the clearest text and images. 

Scanning Solutions for Your Office

The fi-8170 offers speed, excellent paper handling, jam prevention, and accuracy plus a rich suite of scanning software. Paired with the best scanner for Mac options like the ScanSnap iX1600, you can easily provide document digitization for a multi-user office environment.

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